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Apartments in Katowice

 You can call Katowice “a halfway city”. And there are several reasons of this name. There is a large railway network at major road junctions in Poland and whole Europe. The major international airport “Pyrzowice”, which proposes cheap ticketsfrom low-cost airlines, is nearby. A lot of people prefer to rent a cheap apartment daily in Katowice during their travelling. You can rent an apartment daily in every part of the city. Perhaps the history of Katowice isn’t as rich as of other Polish cities but it’s interesting and attractive in its own way. So it’s reasonable to stay here. But even if you are allured to renting an apartment daily, you need to come here.

The city is a little more than one hundred years but this period was full of different events. You can find a cheap hostel in Katowice and walk in the city centre. This walk won’t take a lot of time, however, you don’t need to hurry. Everything is located very close here: monuments, historical places of Katowice, green parks, beautiful buildings in Art Nouveau style and daily rent apartments. The central square, traditional narrow streets, cozy cafes with different goodies can get you to think about renting an apartment daily in Katowice.

There is one building in Katowice that is older than the city. That is the church of St. Michael Archangel. This wooden temple is more than five hundred years old and it is “an emigrant”. It was built in 1305 in the village Syrynia. The church, in the form and size it is now, was built in the 15th century. And in 1938 the church of St. Michael Archangelmoved to Katowice and now it is located on the hill in the local Kosciuszko Park. By the way, you can rent a cheap apartment dailynear this green urban oasis. The internaldecoration of the church is unique because of its wooden pulpit and stoup, and carved icon of Our Lady with Child Jesus. There is a belfry nearby, it is a little younger than the temple, it was built in 1679. You also should stay in the cozy park with many neat paths and statues. It’s only in 20 minutes on foot from the Katowice centre where you can rent an apartment daily at a low price

If you have an opportunity to be in Poland at the end of the spring, you must visit Katowice on the 28th of May. An annual festival, ŚwiętoKrupnioka, takes place this day. Krupniok or Kaszankais traditional local sausage which in addition to meat consists of cereal. This dainty has a lot of varieties. You can eat sausages and dishes made of them to your heart’s content. You will not want to leave! So it is reasonable for you to rent a studio apartment daily in Katowice because in addition to the city you can see the surroundings which are rich in many beautiful places.

Pszczynais called a pearl of Silesian highlands. The Town Hall, the Market Square, an ancient castle are all attributes of a medieval town. You must visit the imperial palace with the magnificent landscape park. You can rent an apartmentdaily in Wroclaw and go to Pszczyna for a walk because it’s just in a half an hour by car or by bus.

Gliwice is even closer than Pszczyna. This city isn’t only famous for its ancient buildings. And that’s Gliwice where the chain of tragic for our history eventsmade a start. In the fading light of August 31, 1939 an attack on a radio station by a group of people dressed in Polish uniform marked the start of the Second World War. It would be interesting for military history lovers to visit this city. It’s useful to rent an apartment daily in Katowice because it’s very easy to get to Gliwice from it. It’s impossible not to mention another historical building nearby. That’s Auschwitz concentration camp. You need courage and inner spirit to visit this place. But everybody, who had an excursion in this death camp, doesn’t regret about visiting. It helps take a fresh look at some things, it teaches to value peace and a human life.

However, life goes on. And it is in full swing in Katowice, especially during the time of different concerts in the city. It’s the time when daily rent apartments are in high demand. Boney M, DeepPurple, DepecheMode, Metallica,TheProdigy, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Harry Moore, Robbie Williams, Tina Turner and other world stars performed on the stage of local multipurpose arena complex “Spodek”. On days like this, hotels in Katowice are full. Very often the musical events take place on the central city square. A lot of music lovers prefer to settle nearby. You don’t need to spend your money for tickets. All you need is to rent an apartment daily at a low priceand watch the concert from your window or to stay in one of the street cafes and enjoy. Lovers of noisy parties with friends would prefer to rent an apartment daily than to stay in a hostel in Katowice.

Dailyapartment rent will surprise you with the variety and attractive prices. Katowice isn’t an expensive city. And it’s better to spend saved money for the next trip. Since you are in Poland, why don’t you visit Bielsko-Biala, the centre of Polish animation. You will meet Bolek, Lolek and Rex. The monuments of famous cartoon characters are built in their native city. If you rent an apartment daily ahead, you can plan your trip to Bielsko-Biala.

And don’t forget to see Archbishops’ Palace and Silesian museum, to visit majestic churches and take a photo with the Pope, to drop inthe restaurants with always delicious food, great local beer and cheap daily rent apartments nearby. You will never regret that you stay in this “halfway city”.