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1 Apartment 4151

Apartment  4151

ul. Starodomaszewska 20

32 m2 / max 2

Sales price without tax: 110,00

Apartmenty 4151


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Adres Starodomaszewska 20
Ilość miejsc 2
Sypialnia 1
Ilość łóżek  1 sofa rozkładana
Piętro 3 (JEST WINDA)










Atrakcje – rzut beretem!

Muzeum Zabawek 0,8 km
Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych 0,9 km
Galeria handlowa Echo 0.9 km
Ulica Sienkiewicza 0.9 km
Bazylika katedralna Wniebowzięcia NMP 1 km
Pałac Biskupów Krakowskich 1,1 km
PKP Kielce 1,6  km
Stadion Miejski w Kielcach 1,8  km
Parking strzeżony 1,8  km

Ulubione atrakcje mieszkańców

Rezerwat Przyrody Kadzielnia 2,1  km
Hala Legionów w Kielcach 2.9 km
Wyciąg narciarski Telegraf 3.4 km
Klasztor na Karczówce 3.6 km
Ośrodek narciarski Niestachów 9 km
Jaskinia Raj 11 km
Dąb Bartek 12.3 km
Zamek w Chęcinach 15.3 km
Muzeum Wsi Kieleckiej 18.2 km



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Liczba osób
Liczba osób

Apartments in Kielce

Kielce is a city bythe Holy Cross. If you come here and ask where is this cross, local people will make a hand gesture and point at the Swietokrzyskie Mountains, the oldest mountain chain in Europe. The city is situated at the foot of them. Polish people spendat least a week at these places.It only sufficesto rent an apartment in Kielce and you won’t have time limits for sightseeing. You need to spend time walking around the city, and after this you can scope out the neighborhood. At that time, you will need daily rent apartment in Kielce.

The name of the city probably originated from the nation of Celts, also known as Kelts, who lived on this land long before Slavic peoples coming. They just rented Celts’ apartments and built Kielce. Maybe this isn’t about Celts, but about tusks. According to the legend, Mieszko, a son of King Boleslav Smialy, spent the night somewhere in this forest. It was 900 year ago, there weren’t apartments to rent at this time and he needed to sleep in the middle of the glade. In his dream Mieszko saw a vision of brigands who attacked him and wanted to poison him. He was losing his strength. But suddenly Saint Adalbert appeared, draw a winding line and divided the glade. The brigands were on the other side of the line which was filled with water. Mieszko woke up and saw that he is near the stream. The boy drank the water from the stream and regained the strength. Leaving this marvelous glade Miezsko noticed enormous tusks of a giant boar. In the place of these tusks he made an undertaking to build St. Adalbert Church and a town around it. In this way Kielce, where daily rent apartments are available, appeared. So check in, spend the nights, and have sweet dreams. And in reality you have to drink water from local strings, they are almost all healing here.A daily rent apartment will be cheap, and you’ll have enough money for other local entertainments.

But first of all admire this beautiful city and start doing this from the centre. Before your start, you should have a look at daily rent apartments in Kielce, there is a large choice in the city centre. After that walk to the Market Square which is almost one thousand years old. In the Middle Ages they organized great street fairs, where the traders from all around Poland and even foreign merchants arrived. Apparently, such business as daily rent of apartments in Kielce already existed at that time. There was the City Hall and a pillory near it. It was the place where the public executions took place. But in the terrible fire in 1800 the old City Hall and this ill-fated pillory were destroyed. Nowadays there is a pedestrian zone, a lot of cafes and beautiful buildings. One of them in baroque style attracts by an abundance of moldings. They would be the most gorgeous apartments in Kielceif there weren’t an editorial office of the local newspaper in this building. So you need to look for another building where you can rent an apartment in Kielce.

If you are interested in shopping, you need to go to Henryk Sienkiewicz Street. It’s the main commercial artery in Kielce where the apartments were rented daily even in the 18th century. But leaving your house you could just be knee deep in mud. The street started on the moor and finished in the fields, there weren’t any pavements but there was more than enough of dirtiness. Now everything is clean, shops fascinate by their style, the dishes in the cafes are exquisite, and you can rent an apartment nearby.

Local people like to immortalize different famous people in their city: Pablo Picasso, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Bulat Okudzhava, Marc Chagall, George Gershwin, Vladimir Vysotsky and a lot of other writers, artists and musicians. Most of them never visited Poland, and they certainly didn’t rent apartments in Kielce. But now they settled forever in this city presented as the sculptures on the walk of fame.

It’s necessary for people with children to visit the Museum of Toy and Play on the Liberty Square. This excursion will be a real adventure, even adults are gladly in their second childhood there. It’s better for family holiday to rent an apartment daily in some quite place or in the foothills where the air is clearer. The Swietokrzyskie mountains are the oldest in Europe, some parts of this mountain chain are 650 million years old. There is an enormous natural open-air museum, Swietokrzyskiy National park, which has almost 8 thousand hectares. You’ll visit mysterious cavesand reserve grots, drink healing mineral water to your heart’s content and get plenty of crystal mountain air. The places are unique, even the monuments are alive here. One of them is called Bartek. That’s a huge oak more than thousand years old. It definitely remembers previous mountain habitants Celts, local witches and their Sabbaths on Lysa Gora which you can also visit. It’s a real paradise for climbing lovers, local climbing routes are famous far away from Poland. You can rent an apartment daily at a low priceor find a hostel in Kielce, and easily get to the mountains.

Cathedral, the Palace of the Bishops, the Tomasz Zielinski Manor, theatres, fairs, street performances, the museum of Polish Village are waiting for you in Kielce. They love having visitors, and travelers who visited these places are talking to their friends about unforgettable days they spent in this City by the Holy Cross for a long time.