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Apartments in Krakow


Well, you are going to visit Krakow. It’s an excellent idea and you will not regret about this. Besides, it’s unacceptable to be in Poland and not to see its ancient capital. Krakow is the heart and soul of Poland. Local people joke about this, “Why did the king move the capital from Krakow to Warsaw? The doctor advised him to have a rest in the countryside”. Even Warsaw residents do not deny that Krakow is the cultural capital of Poland. It is considered that every Polish dreams to live here. The peak of their dreams is to have an apartment in Krakow. You need to walk around this city and gradually comprehend it. It’s difficult to do it in one day. That’s why we advise you to stay here longer. You should try to rent an apartment daily beforehand.

But you can try to make it in one day if you like power walking. Start you walk from Barbican. This is the northern part of ancient city walls. Than you pass by Grunwald monument, through the old city gate to the square GlownyRynok. It’s worth to stay here for a while, wander around the Krakow Cloth Hall, buy amber souvenirs, taste local cheese and real Krakow sausage. You will see Eros Bound,St. Mary’s Basilika and Town Hall Tower. In the evening these tourist attractions look in different way. And you haven’t seen even a half of all local beauty yet. You haven’t gone down into the dungeonunder the Market Square, you haven’t gone boating across Wisla, you haven’t climbed the mounds and haven’t seen the city from Town Hall Tower. It’s time to find lodging for the night. There are quite a lot of hotels in the Krakowcentre, you only need to keep your eyes open. Dailyapartments rent is also a viable option. So you can find a place to live just walking around Krakow. You can leave your things there and continue to walk in no hurry.

You need to visit Wawel Castle which is situated on the high bank of Wisla river. There are a few interesting museums inside: Royal Private Apartments, Crown Treasury and Armory.  In the end you can visit Dragon’s Den in limestone rock. You will not notice how you spend a half a day here.

By the way, you can find different daily rent apartments in Krakow. It depends on your demands to convenience and privacy, how much time do you want to spend in the city, who do you travel with and, of course, your financial capacities. There is a lot of choice. Krakow offers hotels to every taste and budget. But don’t forget that you can rent an apartment daily at a good price.

If you are tired of the bustle you should turn to famous local Planty park, it surrounds all old city. It’s necessary to visit Kazimierz, the old Jewish Quarter in Krakow. There are a lot of historical buildings. Coffeehouses, galleries, bakeries, pubs, gift shops are everywhere. Look, ask the prices and later you can go shopping. By the way, apartments rent is also possible here. It is very quiet in these Krakowstreets because there aren’t any noisy clubs working far into the night nearby.

If you travel with a big group of friends, a hostel in Krakow isn’t good for you. It’s better to choosean apartment near a café or a restaurant because you won’t be probably able to cook meals. And be ready to share the toilet and the bathroom. It’s often very noisy in hostels in the evenings. By the way, you need to take clothes enough to not look for the laundry nearby. It is not worth to waste your time on this, it’s better to go sightseeing. But if you plan a budget trip to Krakow, you don’t need a hostel. Because it’s possible to rent an apartment daily at a reasonable price even when the tourist season is at its height.

The city in the evening isn’t the same. The illumination is charming, all tourist attractions are highlighted and look tempting. You can plan your walk for tomorrow. Until then, the comfortable bars and restaurants lure you with the huge choice of local beer and traditional Polish honey. And you also need to order bigos,zurek,white borsch, pork hock, and fried Krakow sausage. The most important thing is to not forget where did you rent an apartment daily. It’s difficult to get lost in the city centre. But this is the case if you don’t drink too much Zubrowka for dinner. 

It may happen that you arrive in Krakow for one day, but in the evening you decide to stay for one more day. It’s the actual situation, you have just developed a taste for it, and you need to go. If you didn’t take care of getting an apartment in Krakow ahead, try to look for a room in a hotel or rent an apartment daily in Krakow. You can choose a cheap three or four starhotelof Bed&Breakfastcategory.There are a lot of such hotels in Krakow. Don’tonly oversleep and miss your breakfast because after long walks you can wake upby lunchtime. And don’t be afraid of the phrase “Apartments daily in Krakow”, it’s not as expensiveas seemed at first glance.

It’s quite real to rent a cheap apartment daily in Krakow. There are a lot of reasons for this choice. If you travel with small children or just appreciate a home atmosphere and silence, daily rent of apartments is all that you need. You can rent apartments daily in Krakow in the city centre and all points of interest are in 10-15minutes on foot. At the same time noise of thecity won’t disturb you if you choose one of the many quiet streets. You will have all necessary things: a cooker and the kitchen utensils, a separate bathroom with a washing machine, an air conditioning, a television and the Internet. There is often car park, shops and markets nearby.

There is a unique salt mine “Wieliczka” in a half an hour from the city centre, a Schindler’s factory (Schindler is a person who was described in Hollywood blockbuster “Schindler’s List”), Czartoryski Museum where Leonardo da Vinci’s Lady with an Ermine is exhibited. And dozens of galleries and exhibitions, parks and streets having absorbed in themselves age-old history attract visitors from all over the world. However, Polish people think that there is only one point of interest in Krakow. That is Krakow! So come and see it for yourself.