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Worticlava, Wratislava, Breslavl, Breslau or Wroclaw. This city has a lot of differentofficial and popular names. Its history is more than a thousand years. The city was under the rule of a lot of different states and rulers, it changed names, Wroclaw was destroyed several times and it picked itself up from the ashesagain. It is full of legends and mysteries, and it’s very comfortable to live or just walkhere visiting Wroclaw for a few days. And Wroclaw is worth to visit that’s why it’s better to rent an apartment daily in advance. When you plan your trip, you need to find an announcement:cheap daily rent apartments in Wroclaw. You can choose a lovely and convenient place.

So first of all you need to know where you are going. And you’re going to the city of rivers and bridges or Polish Venice. 5 rivers flow through Wroclaw: theOdra and 4 its tributaries. That’s why the bridges are the local tourist attraction. There were 303 bridges before the Second World War, but now they are only 117. Anyway there are a lot of them and you need more than one day to get around all bridges. So you have to rent an apartment daily in Wroclaw. You don’t need to walk around the city. You can take boat rides and approach to all 12 islands. There is one more name of Wroclaw because of islands: a puzzle city.

It’s very exciting to do this puzzle, and it’s better to start from the centre. 11 streets go to the Market Square. In the Middle Ages the Market Square was considered as one of the largest streets in Europe. Admire the local mansions.The facades of the buildings in Wroclaware painted in bright colours, and in many of them you can rent an apartment daily. Some of the most famous buildings are Under the GoldenSun tenement and houseUnder the Blue Sun. By the way, an apartment daily rent is quite acceptable and convenient because all points of interest are nearby. For example, the Town Hall is the majestic building built as far back as the 13th century. It is necessarily to visit the local beerhouse, the oldest in the city.

If you see the dwarfs after beer, don’t be afraid: this is one more attraction and the city symbol.  Small bronze figures strike your eyes everywhere and it’s very funny to look for them. There are more than 250 dwarfs and their family is constantly increasing. You won’t definitely find them during one day, so it’s the time to think about an apartment daily rent in Wroclaw.

There are a few variants to do this, and they are good, each in its own way. An important point is that the hotels in Wroclaw in high season are almost always full. The city invites tourists from all over Europe, people arrive with their families for a few days. However, you can always rent an apartment daily.

And while, let’s look for dwarfs. Keep your eye on the ground and don’t forget to watch your surroundings because you can see these cute creatures even on the lampposts. Every bronze dwarf has its own name and occupation: fireman, musicians, a warder, a banker, a key-keeper, a blacksmith and a simple deadbeat. They are the habitual residents, everybody likes them and they don’t need to rent an apartment daily.

Walking around the city centreyou need to visit the Royal Palace. That’s the historical museum where the whole thousand-year-old history of the city is presented. The building in gorgeous baroque style contains more than three thousand unique exhibits. The hotels in Wroclaw will do their best to treat you like royalty if you’re lucky to find a room at a reasonable price.

From every part of the Old Town you can see a tower. That is the part of the St. Elisabeth’s Church which you also need to visit, at least for climbing up the tower, enjoying a panoramic view of the neighboring, taking beautiful pictures. And perhaps you’ll choose a lovely street where you would like torent an apartment daily in Wroclaw.

There is a magnificent view of islands from height of the bird’s flight. TumskiIsland is the major island. It is well known for being the “birthplace of the city”. It is a calm and green place nowadays. You can admire the Archbishop’s Gardens, the city’s Botanical Gardens and the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the patron of the city. There are the ruins of the first city buildings. This is a quiet part of the city of islands, Wroclaw, but for renting an apartment daily you need to find more spacious place with a lot of shops, cafes and car parks.

However, if you are a big fan of noisy events, a hostel will be the best thing for you. Wroclaw is full of such establishments with their own bars and restaurants, the live music playing far into the night and a relaxing atmosphere. But when you drive you won’t taste local alcohol drinks. The issue is to rent cheap and affordable apartments daily in Wroclaw. Now you can stay in the bar till the morning.

Local parks are very good for calm family rest. There are a lot of them in Wroclaw. There is even the Japanese garden here. The water park with a lot of different attractions for different ages works all year round. The zoo also assures unforgettable impressions for adults and children. And an apartmentdaily rentin Wroclawis the most convenient for families with children.

If you don’t have your family yet, you will get lucky in Wroclaw. Because it is the place where you can find your destiny. That is what the city legend says, anyway. It’s very simple. First of all, you need to rent an apartment daily in the centre of Wroclaw, in the place where main bridges are situated. After that go for a walk on these bridges looking at passers-by. You’ll recognize the person and understand that you are meant to be together. Would you like to verify? So it is reasonable for you to rent an apartment for a few days and you will definitely find your soulmate in the city of destiny.

Wroclaw is called the city of rendezvous because it’s very convenient to make a date in some cozy corners of parks or near the tourist attractions. Wroclaw water tower is one of them. It doesn’t perform its original functions, but ancient source still exists beneath the ground and its water runs from a fountain on the façade. Once people, who served this building, lived in this tower. Here is the ideal place to rent an apartment daily in Wroclaw, the view from the top is amazing! But it’s impossible today. You can visit a restaurant which is situated here and admire the city from its another high point.

What a pity you can’t see dwarfs from the top. Don’t forget to look for them in Wrocik. That’s how Polish people lovingly call Wroclaw. If you get really lucky you’ll meet a dwarf which holds the emblem of the city in the shape of a heart in its hands. After all, Wroclaw is the city of love, a place where you’ll leave a piece of your heart. Not without reason people often write its name as WrocLove.